This Private Policy is a legal tool that is framed to control people’s actions that are going to deal with this website or operate with connected resources.

Rights And Agreements

This is a legal document. If you are going to bound this privacy than you have to understand that you enter into a legal connection with us. It means that we will have reciprocal rights and agreements.

Remember the fact: when you will open our website in one of the browsers through your computer or another source, you have to know that thereby you give us legally bound by this document. If you have any disagreements, than quick this website.

There are a lot of important points of privacy, which you have to know before entering this website. We recommend you to know this facts of the document before the moment you deal with our website.

As a matter of convenience, we will use thi link: as “website”. Someone who will open this resource will be appeared to as “you” in this document.

Privacy Policy As A Special Form Of Agreement

This Privacy Policy is a serious mould of agreement. As it was saying before, once you click our source on your computer’s or phone’s browser, you bound our agreement.

You have to choose this agreement in the moment when you are ready to say that you have enough consent.

It will be moments when you will open for yourself our ask to confirm your rather agreement.

In case when you are not going to follow this agreement that we suggest you on this Privacy Policy, your stay will be consider as illegal behavior.

If you disagree with one of any items, than we kindly ask you to leave our website till the moment you will place something at this source.

This Privacy Policy have to be followed by you during the whole period you will use this website.

Additional Precautions

We want you to suggest a high quality services and products. That is why we recommend you to use only positive behavior of communication in order to receive good procedure.

You have to know that we will use concret data about your visiting of our website. It is created to improve users skills on the website.

As you bound to this document, you say that you agree the fact that we can get additional information about you that can be legitimate and detailed. You confirm that you give exact data, that was asked in the purpose.

You have to understand that certain legally information about you is transferred by you personally.

That is why you have to write all necessary information only personally. In some cases we will use some data that suits us with your agreement.

Data may be bounded in all performed tasks:

all the forms and asks are finished;
you tries to communicate with us;
you introduces yourself personally.

We want to receive following data:

we want to control your activities and conversations on our website;
monitoring your personal deals and transactions on this website;
using cookies or other technologies.

We will not use data which discover your:

political look;
ethnic and racial provenance;
philosophical, religious and the other points of view;
intimate part of life;
your health;
criminal report.

Data that interests us:

In the moment wben you enter our website we immediately start to receive:

the kind of your browser ;
the type of operating system;
availability of time.
This data does not assume us to identify you. No tries are made by us to discover some individuals who uses our source.

The only aim of using such data (personal data of our visitors) is to improve our web pages.

Data that we receive as you use our services:

In case when you are going to leave any orders at our website we can demand certain information that is closely connected with you. For example, we can ask you some of the next points:

your personal phone number;
your email adress;
concrete data about your credit card;
we can ask you to copy out your national ID or for example your license that confirms yout driver’s experience.

You should know that we will use your email adress in cases when we will decide to send you some notes which are connected with the important issues of filling of your reservation, for example, explanation of any question marks about the finishing of order. Also we can remind you about certain letters that you possibly unread.

Remember the fact that You give an agreement at the moment when yoy press a button where are written two words : “Submit form”. It means that you are ready to receive our mailing and special notes of hot offers and allowances, advertesing campaign and supplementary promotions which in any case will include not only the telephone number, email adress but the or other information too.

If you are ready to leave an order on our website, you have to be prepared to send us a copy of your national ID or certain information about your credit card, which in turn is important for settlement authorization. We will ask you to consider a good visibility of your first and your last names. More over we need the last 4 figures from your personal credit card.

About Cookies

We use cookies in order to create your work uniform. Our Cookie Policy will introduce you additional information about cookies.

The Style Of Communication

We try to find the highest frames when gathering and borrowing personal data. For this cause, we use any informers that we get very attentively. We support individuals to sent it to our mention if they consider that our variants or use of certain kind of data is dishonest, wrong or does not correspond to something. We are waiting to any types of offers that will help us to improve our experience.

We are glad to suggest you supplementary data or give some or explanatory notes. If you have some ideas that are connected with these ussues, then write a notification to .

Working with our visitors we use to be widely open in frames of sending them a passageway to their individual data. Personalities have an opportunity to open the truth if wekeep certain points of individual data by creating a “subordinate inquiry access” with the assistance of the Data Protection Act 1998. In cases when we keep your personal data then we will:

describe what we do with it;
explain you reasons why we are keeping it;
discover you who it could be expose to;
allow you to copy of the data in a clear form.

In order to demand from us for certain individual data, we can ask you to write a special request that will be directed to our Customer Support Representatives

In case when you would like to refuse from receiving of emails and messages from us, than you have to conect with us using special information that yoh can find on our website. In the moment when we will learn your demand, we will finish our mailing.

We garantee you confidentiality and safety of all the operations.

We will take supplementary opportunities to garantee your protection and warn third-party discovery to the individual data gathered. We teach our workers to be very while they are going to safe your data. However, we will promulgate the data assambled should our legal duties to do in such a way.

This Privacy Policy makes a deeply explanation through you and us.