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What is a Thesis Proposal?

A thesis proposal is the first step of a longer paper. This proposal is usually needed in order to complete degree requirements. We have a thesis proposal sample on our website. You can buy thesis proposals online with our company to make the process easier for you. Why go through the motions of writing something that will only add stress in your life? Buy custom thesis proposals with our thesis helper and take some stress off of you. The demands of college can be overwhelming, but Pinkelstar essay writing service is here to lessen the burden of college life. Hundreds of students have used our services and now it is time for you to use them as well.

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Paper Format

We will need to know your thesis proposal format. Our writers are familiar with all formats, so you can rest assured that we will correctly format your proposal. We just want to make sure that it is the correct format for you.

Amount of Pages

How long does your proposal thesis have to be? We will need to know the length the proposal.


We are sure that you will need research for your thesis research proposal. Let us know how many sources are needed. Our writers have access to the best scholarly sources.

Type of Paper

Example of types of proposals

The proposal for thesis is used in different types when it comes to college writing. We have example of types of proposals

  • PhD Thesis Proposal
  • Example of Thesis Proposal
  • Master Thesis Proposal Example


Do you need a master thesis proposal? How about a thesis proposal template? Different disciplines call for different topics, styles, and ideas. This is why knowing the discipline is important to the process. Thesis proposal writing is not easy for any discipline, but our team of writers will get the job done regardless of what discipline they are writing in.

Due Date

Of course knowing the due date is important. Try to submit the order form early enough so that there are no delays in the process.

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